ColReorder 1.1.3

DataTables CDN files for ColReorder 1.1.3. This software was originally released on 1st April, 2015.

Release notes

This is a maintenance release that addresses known issues in ColReorder. This is likely to be the last release of ColReorder 1.x.y with a significant update planned that will rework the feature.


  • New: Add license file to the package for clarity of license (MIT)


  • Update: Name of readme file for consistency with other DataTables extensions


  • Fix: DOM for dragging clone element was wrong
  • Fix: Reorder callback was not being called when using the API
  • Fix: When scrolling is enabled, don't force a redraw when adjusting column sizes
  • Fix: Throw an error is ColReorder is initialised twice on the same table
  • Fix: Error when $.noConflict is used
  • Fix - example: Update to use the 1.10 naming styles for DataTables initialisation