ColReorder 1.1.2

DataTables CDN files for ColReorder 1.1.2. This software was originally released on 11th July, 2014.

Release notes

A minor update for ColReorder, primarily to address compatibility issues with the latest DataTables builds.


  • Update: Add CommonJS loader support and make AMD loader anonymous


  • Fix: HTML5 data-* attributes (a feature added for DataTables 1.10) would cause an error as the data source object for the column wasn't being remapped to the updated data.
  • Fix: Defaults specified with camelCase were not applied
  • Fix: DataTables 1.10.1 updates the state object, so we need to update our references to it here. Compatibility with DT 1.10.0- is maintained
  • Fix: jQuery UI example was using an incorrect constructor
  • Fix example: FixedColumns integration example had a JS error