ColReorder 1.1.0

DataTables CDN files for ColReorder 1.1.0. This software was originally released on 28th January, 2014.

Release notes

ColReorder sees a number of wide ranging updates to the software, primarily revolving around the update to be fully compatible with DataTables, and harmonisation with the other DataTables extensions, in particular:

  • ColReorder is now available under $.fn.dataTable.ColReorder
  • AMD module and Bower support (datatables-colreorder)
  • The ability to set defaults using $.fn.dataTable.ColReorder.defaults
  • camelCase notation support to match DataTables 1.10

Important Note that ColReorder is no longer a global variable and if you need to access the ColReorder object, please use $.fn.dataTable.ColReorder.

New features

  • New: ColReorder must now be accessed through $.fn.dataTable.ColReorder
  • New: License update - MIT licensed
  • New: Full integration with DataTables 1.10
    • Configuration options can be passed in as colReorder or oColReorder
    • Adds the colReorder.order() and colReorder.reset() API methods to DataTables' new API
    • camelCase notation support for configuration options
  • New: AMD loader support for ColReorder as "datatables-colreorder"
  • New: bower support - under the name datatables-colreorder
  • New: Redraw the column ordering during dragging option - bRealtime
  • New: Defaults - defaults can be set for ColReorder
  • New: API update - acting on a ColReorder instance is now much easier
  • New: fnOrder API method - get and set the order of the table's column
  • New: Support TD elements as well as TH in the THEAD (matching DataTables' ability to do so).
  • New: Add iFixedColumnsRight to compliment iFixedColumns (right to left counting). Thanks to Zoran Jambor for this feature
  • New: Added fnGetCurrentOrder API for aiOrder equiv data


  • Update: Transparent background for the dragged element
  • Update: fnReset is now chainable.
  • Update: fnSort is a getter and setter, allowing the column ordering to be grammatically changed.
  • Update: fnGetCurrentOrder and ColReorder.fnReset are now deprecated and will be removed in the next major version.


  • Fix: Ajax loading data with a predefined order (inc state) caused data to be shown in the wrong columns
  • Fix: Column visibility error
  • Fix: Use semver versioning format
  • Fix: Redraw bug fix+get current order api
  • Fix: Remove redraw callback when destroying
  • Fix: Right indexing was incorrect when building the reorder points
  • Fix: Fix destroy and initialize problem
  • Fix: Remove hook into FixedHeader - FixedHeader will now listen for the column-reorder event and take the required action.