Buttons 2.4.0

DataTables CDN files for Buttons 2.4.0. This software was originally released on 4th July, 2023.

Release notes

This release introduces dark mode support (DataTables and Bootstrap 5.3 styling), as well as updating the examples to show Vanilla JS initialisation. There are also updates to how the "collection" buttons are shown - they are now a dropdown, fully integrated with the styling library, and the active state is shown with a tick rather than a colour.


  • New: Active state in a dropdown is now represented with a visual tick rather than a colour, which was not always clear (11f5bef).
  • New: Dark mode support for DataTables styling (582751d).
  • New: Collections are now styled like a dropdown (8869f1a).


  • Update: Rewriting how button properties are inherited for collection buttons and split buttons. Update: Split button CSS for DataTables styling rewritten New: Dark mode support for DataTables and Bootstrap 5 styling (f33723a).


  • Fix: Buttons' DataTables wrapper was doubly wrapped! (4977985).
  • Fix: Copy info pop over was a lower z-index than the collection, causing a confusing layered display (7e20bce).
  • Fix: Correct type inheritance for styling packages (a966bcf).
  • Fix: jQuery UI styling integration for new configuration (3db04aa).