Buttons 2.2.3

DataTables CDN files for Buttons 2.2.3. This software was originally released on 12th May, 2022.

Release notes

The main focus in this release of Buttons is to improve accessibility and keyboard navigation of the buttons. There are also a number of styling fixes.


  • Focus trap for drop downs - tab (keyboard) navigation through the dropdowns will now be restricted to the drop down while it is active.


  • Remove old style background gradients - no longer needed. Browsers will work without the experimental prefixes now
  • When a collection button is activated using a key press (e.g. a return key) automatically focus on the first item in the list.


  • Close button needs a higher z-index
  • Bootstrap 5 buttons could overflow the dropdown container
  • Bootstrap 5 integration with split buttons had a min-width incorrectly applied
  • Add dialog role and aria modal to popovers
  • aria-haspopup should be dialog in keeping with the WAI ARIA 1.1 spec
  • Tighten up regex detection of ISO8601 dates for Excel export
  • More consistent styling of the fixed display - padding around the side in all styles
  • FomanticUI styling for spacer button wasn't correct in a columns display collection