Buttons 1.6.0

DataTables CDN files for Buttons 1.6.0. This software was originally released on 1st October, 2019.

Release notes

This is a minor release version of Buttons due to the newly introduced button().popover() method which can be used to show extra information on the page in a consistent manner. The collection button has been reworked to use this method and we'll be using it for other elements in future.

In addition to the few new features there are almost a dozen bug fixes as well.

  • New
    • New: button().popover() method which can be used to show additional information in the context of the button.
    • New: buttons-processing event which is triggered when a button's processing state changes, allowing you to display a custom element on the page
    • New: Overflowing button text should have ellipsis
  • Fixed
    • Fix: Column visibility with ColReorder was broken
    • Fix: buttons-processing should have the triggering node passed in as a jQuery object (which is what the docs say)
    • Fix: Multi-level collections were not removed when clicking on background (or otherwise triggering a close at the second level)
    • Fix: The collection button's dropup option could show the collection off the top of the page. It will now only "drop up" if there is space
    • Fix: Dynamically added buttons into a collection were using the incorrect markup options
    • Fix: Using a synthetic click to tigger a collection and then a collection action wouldn't let the collection be closed
    • Fix: buttons.info() container was not being removed on table destroy
    • Fix: buttons().container() could return multiple containers, while the docs say it will only give one
    • Fix: buttons() when used with a group selector given as 0 would give incorrect results
    • Fix: Title for a collection didn't span over multiple columns when using column layout
    • Fix: Added class flex-wrap to button container for Bootstrap 4 to allow button wrapping.