Buttons 1.5.5

DataTables CDN files for Buttons 1.5.5. This software was originally released on 8th March, 2019.

Release notes

A bug fix release for Editor which sees a number of accessibility improvements alongside addressing known issues.


  • New: Added aria-expanded on opened collection buttons. The close function now closes all collections. Added a check to see if the collection was open when clicking a collection button, and don't try to reopen the collection in that case. (5060e96).
  • New: Add clickBlurs parameter to prevent blurring on specific buttons (4793dba).
  • New: Support for DataTables 2's layout option. More details on that as work continues on DataTables 2 (5e7d5d7).


  • Fix: Bootstrap 4 styling - when a collection button was used other than the right most button, its styling would be off, due to corner radius being used. (79213df).
  • Fix: Correct issue with pageLength only using the default text once the page length has been changed (224ecfd).
  • Fix: AutoFilter merge should only be done if auto filter is enabled (88c0551).
  • Fix: Visual overflow of buttons in a dropdown in IE11 (5ee6d41).
  • Fix: Ussue where rapidly clicking collection button multiple times would break the button (9350b97).
  • Fix: Buttons dropdowns in Bootstrap 4 use a div container (10bc521).
  • Fix: Change null test to undefined test (58bf9c8).
  • Fix - docs: Typo in buttons-action documentation title (c9d74a4).