Buttons 1.5.0

DataTables CDN files for Buttons 1.5.0. This software was originally released on 8th December, 2017.

Release notes

A minor version bump for Buttons as a number of new features have been introduced (all relatively small, but cumulatively it needs a version bump!).

Specific areas of interest are improved accessibility though the use of the button tag by default (rather than a before) and use of ARIA attributes. Also. arbitrary attributes can be assigned to buttons as required.

On the export side of things, when used with Select Buttons will now export only the selected rows, if any are selected. If none are selected, the full data set is exported. This behaviour is customisable. Also, Excel now has an option to export empty cells.

Finally, there are a number of fixes for issues that have cropped up.


  • New: Use button tag by default for buttons rather than a for improved accessibility
  • New: createEmptyCells option for Excel export buttons. By default the Excel export will not create empty cells in the exported spreadsheet, this option allows it to do so.
  • New: buttons.buttons.attr option which can be used to set any arbitary attributes for a button
  • New: When rows are selected in the table (via the Select extension), the exported data from Buttons will now be automatically restricted to just those selected rows. If no rows are selected, the full data set from the table will be exported (based on the rules defined by the export). The modifier.selected parameter can be used to override this behaviour if required.


  • Change: Button collections are now inserted into the document immediately after the triggering host button, rather than at the body level. You should see no difference visually - this is a change to help improve accessibility.


  • Fix: Add aria-haspopup attribute to collection buttons
  • Fix: If buttons over multiple instances for the same table share a key handler, only the first will now trigger. It was confusing before to understand why events were happening multiples.
  • Fix: PDF download (html5) wasn't working in IE10.
  • Fix: Chrome wouldn't correctly display buttons in a multi-column layout due to 531528
  • Fix: In correct title could be selected for use if SVG was used in the document
  • Fix: Excel export could use an incorrect cell address for merged cells.
  • Fix: Excel XML wasn't valid to the schema for the fills tag.
  • Fix: An empty title would cause a download error
  • Fix: ColVis buttons for column headers which contain a select would show the option text
  • Fix: Excel export would create a file rejected by Excel if no cells were merged