Buttons 1.4.0

DataTables CDN files for Buttons 1.4.0. This software was originally released on 14th August, 2017.

Release notes

This release of Buttons bring harmony to the options for showing titles, messages (above and below the table) and integration with a caption tag to call export button types.


  • New: Title, message top and message bottom options for the exported data in copy, Excel, PDF and print buttons (not CSV as they would break the CSV format).
  • New: Message top / message bottom will automatically use the table's caption if there is one, coresponding to the side of the table it is shown on.
  • New: buttons.exportInfo() method for common export information for harmonisation between buttons.
  • New: Example showing the use of the new export title and messaging options
  • New: title, messageTop and messageBottom options for Excel export. These options will make use of the page title and table caption as approriate by default, showing that information in the exported spreadsheet.
  • New - example: Showing how to include the table footer in the exported data


  • Update: Documentation for buttons.buttons.action now has an example showing how to call a built in action function


  • Fix: Disable decoding of HTML entities for Print export in order to prevent XSS attacks
  • Fix: Nested tables could cause Javascript errors when used with column visibility buttons
  • Fix: Collections list (e.g. colvis menu) position above the button when necessary
  • Fix: csvHtml5 exported file was missing the filename
  • Fix: Extend period before auto print will call window.print() for the print view. This allows more time for stylesheets to be loaded.
  • Fix: Bootstrap 3/4 and Foundation - buttons disabled on initialisation would not show as disabled
  • Fix: Error in description of the column visibility selector example
  • Fix: Cells with the value of 0% were appearing as an empty string in the Excel export
  • Fix: Typos - BUttons rather than Buttons
  • Fix: Typo in buttons.dom example
  • Fix: Build file typo
  • Fix - examples: Typos spotted and reported by @tangerine
  • Fix - examples: Set the name for the TSV export buttons to TSV rather than CSV
  • Fix - docs: buttons.buttons.text example error
  • Fix - docs: Example showing page length button had a JS syntax error