Buttons 1.2.3

DataTables CDN files for Buttons 1.2.3. This software was originally released on 6th December, 2016.

Release notes

This is primarily a bug fix release of Buttons, however it also features improvements to the Excel file that Buttons can generate including automatic detection and formatting of number, currency and percentage data types. While the Buttons export is intended to be simple, this paves the way to make the export more customisable in future.

Also some good news for Safari users. Although the current release of Safari does not yet support the download attribute, the Webkit nighty does and it will likely make it into the next release of Safari. Buttons will automatically detect went that happens and make the export buttons available for Safari users.


  • New: Excel export will now automatically detect percentage values and format them as such in Excel
  • New: Excel export will now automatically detect numbers with thousand separators and format them appropriately for Excel.
  • New: Excel export will now automatically detect negative numbers that are indicated by brackets and format them appropriately for Excel.
  • New: Automatically detect percentage values with 1 d.p. and use a custom style for them. This also paves a clear way for the customize method to be used to use a different level of decimal precision if required.
  • New: WebKit 603.1 and newer support the <a> tag allowing the Excel and PDF creation to correctly work in Safari! The shipping version of Safari (10.0.1) does not yet support this ability, but since it is in WebKit nightly's there is a good chance it will be in the next release.
  • New: Add class to view generated by print button so specific CSS can be used to target the created page from the &lt;link&gt;ed stylesheets
  • New: Currency detection for Excel export. This is currently limited to currencies which use dollar, pound or euro symbols only. The matching is relatively strict in order not to match data incorrectly.


  • Update: Excel column width calculation will now take line breaks into account, rather than assuming the column width would match the unwrapped string.
  • Update - performance: Reuse the cell selector when exporting data, so cells need only be selected once (rather than twice as before)
  • Update - performance: Faster export of data by allowing cells() to select the rows, rather than getting an array of row indexes first. The former approach enters the row selector into a slow array lookup rather than allowing it to just build the array.


  • Fix: null, undefined and blank cell in excel export
  • Fix: Sub-collections in Foundation were offset by the height of the parent collection
  • Fix: Removing magic 5px offset for sub-collections for better visual effect
  • Fix: Add button-page-length class to the page length buttons
  • Fix: null, undefined and blank cell in excel export
  • Fix: Safari Mac would not create valid Excel files when using the Flash export
  • Fix: Excel export would incorrectly show an empty cell for cells which contained only 0 due to a loose type check
  • Fix: Improve French translation for i18n example. Thanks MartyF!
  • Fix - example: Correct arguments for format.body option
  • Fix - docs: Trailing character causing markdown formatting issues
  • Fix - docs: French translation improvement from MartyF