Buttons 1.2.2

DataTables CDN files for Buttons 1.2.2. This software was originally released on 2nd August, 2016.

Release notes

This is a bug fix release of Buttons that addresses a number of issues that have been identified since the last release, including compatibility with jQuery 3 for the button collections and Excel export with HTML entities.

Although a patch release there are also a couple of minor new features including easy access to the notes for formatting methods, more options can now be specified as callbacks and text style options for Excel export.


  • New: The header, footer and body formatting methods of the format option in buttons.exportData() will now pass in the node for the cell that is being rendered. This can make it much easier to get certain text content from the DOM.
  • New: message options for print and pdf buttons now allow a function to be given which will be evaluated when the PDF is created
  • New: csv and csvHtml5 types now have a bom option that can be used to tell the CSV button types to include the BOM or not (default false).
  • New: Add additional styles for exporting to Excel - text alignment, justification, 90 degrees rotates and wrapped.


  • Fix: Unable to add buttons dynamically if no buttons are present
  • Fix: Remove class that was added to the background container when removed. This allows multiple different background classes to be used.
  • Fix: IE support for printing - IE9 was throwing an error due to a workaround introduced for Edge. Now try/catch to allow for both.
  • Fix: Disable UTF-8 BOM by default for generated CSV files. The Unicode standard recommends that it should not be used.
  • Fix: Copy large amount of data automatically with execCommand could fail. If that occurs, the failure state is now detected and falls back to the manual cmd/ctrl+c option.
  • Fix: Detect HTML5 copy success, fall back to CTRL+C on failure
  • Fix: Allow pdfMake and JSZip to be loaded after the HTML5 buttons file
  • Fix: buttons.exportData()'s body format function had the row and column index parameters passed in the wrong way around.
  • Fix: HTML entities should not be escaped for XML node creation in Excel export button types.
  • Fix: Compatibility with jQuery 3 when using a collection of buttons
  • Fix: buttons().container() would not work if a button set had no buttons in it.