Buttons 1.2.0

DataTables CDN files for Buttons 1.2.0. This software was originally released on 20th May, 2016.

Release notes

This is a big update to two separate areas of Buttons:

  • The Excel (xlsx) export buttons have been entirely rewritten by Thomas Buckle who has joined SpryMedia as a summer intern. They now use DOM methods to generate the XML documents for the spreadsheet, which importantly make it possibly to provide a customize method that you can use to alter the created file. This can include adding styling to cell or modifying data. You need to have some understanding of the XML structure for this, but it provides a huge range of options if you need to customise the file. This has also allowed us to add a number of default styles and the header cells are now bold and column widths will auto match the content.
  • The way Buttons addresses created buttons has been completely rewritten to address a couple of issues and memory issues that arose from use of dynamic buttons. This is an internal change only and the API has not changed.

This release also sees the introduction of styling and examples for Bootstrap 4 and Semantic UI, and a wide range of bug fixes.

Finally, the Flash export buttons are now deprecated and will be removed in a future version of Buttons. Flash is truly dead now and focus will be on the HTML5 button types moving forward.

Thanks to everyone who has contributed to this release!


  • New: customize method which can be used to alter the XSLX file, including text style and data addition.
  • New: Excel export rewritten to use XML nodes rather than string based methods. This greatly improves the ease with which developers can customise the created file
  • New: Added several built in styles to the excel export button, these can be accessed via the customize option
  • New: Excel file now has a default font of Calibri at size 11, matching the default for Excel on Windows computers.
  • New: Excel export will auto size column widths to match content
  • New: Excel exported file now will automatically bold the header text
  • New: customizeData callback option for excelHtml5 and excelFlash. This can be used to be notified of the data that will be exported as well as to modify the data before the XML for the XLSX file is created.
  • New: Semantic UI support for Buttons
  • New: Expose Button's built in FileSaver.js so it can be used externally ($.fn.dataTable.fileSave())
  • New: Custom file example - JSON export button type


  • Deprecate: The Flash buttons (copy, csv, excel and PDF) are now all deprecated and will be removed in the next major version of Buttons.


  • Updated: Documentation for browser support for the csv, excel and pdf HTML5 button types refined.


  • Fix: Trim whitespace from title tags for the file name
  • Fix: Support for JSZip 3.0.0
  • Fix: If the title tag is empty, set a default file name - addresses error in Edge
  • Fix: Don't recreate buttons when new buttons are added or removed
  • Fix: Allow an NPM require to pass in JSZip and pdfMake if they have been defined else where, rather than always depending on the global libraries.
  • Fix: Update to latest FileSaver.js (1.1.20160328)
  • Fix: When defining footer: true but having no footer tags the footer row would try to be added yet would be null, returning an error. This is now fixed.
  • Fix: Adding cell position attributes to generated sheet to workaround OpenOffice.org bug.
  • Fix: i18n example for HTML5 copy mentioned an invalid parameter
  • Fix: Flash copy to clipboard used a different parameter from the HTML5 button for the success language string. Now standardised to copySuccess
  • Fix: Removal of a Button during initialisation would cause missing buttons
  • Fix: Excel export wasn't treating 0 on its own as a number
  • Fix: Update the SWF path for the cdn
  • Fix: Ensure that html stripping works with html code containing linebreaks
  • Fix: Performance fix for colvisGroup button type - column widths should be calculated only once
  • Fix: Print view wasn't working in Edge due to Edge bug 2505297
  • Fix: Add an href tag to a tag button elements
  • Fix: CSS for linear-gradient was invalid
  • Fix: Flash PDF export wasn't correctly using the filename option
  • Fix - example: Flash file name example should use the preferred filename option to set the file name
  • Fix - docs: Add missing newline configuration for copy and csv button types
  • Fix - docs: Refine documentation for button().add() to reflect that the index does not allow for all button selector options, just indexes
  • Fix - docs: Wrong property was used in the examples for buttons.buttons.enabled.
  • Fix - docs: Typo in pdf and pdfHtml5 reference