Buttons 1.1.1

DataTables CDN files for Buttons 1.1.1. This software was originally released on 20th January, 2016.

Release notes

This is a bug fix release of Buttons which addresses a number of known issues relating primarily to the Excel output, but also addresses issues in other areas of the library. A couple of small new features have also been added to improve the overall functionality of the library.


  • New: customize option for the copy and csv export types to allow the exported data to be modified (adding header / footer text for example)
  • New: Support function for title/filename in HTML5 and Flash buttons
  • New: Add buttons.config.sheetName option to give the ability to set the sheet name for Excel export
  • New: button().active() can now be used as a getter as well
  • New: Add buttons.config.sheetName option to give the ability to set sheet name for Excel export.
  • New: Support for Zurb Foundation 6. Note that this creates DataTables 1.10.11+ which has not yet been released (although is available from source)


  • Fix: Close the collection list used by pageLength immediately upon selecting a page length option.
  • Fix: Don't strip newline and carrage returns from Excel output
  • Fix: Improved number matching for Excel output. Previously dates such as 01.01.2016 could result in an invalid spreadsheet being created.
  • Fix: JS error would occur when footer:true was used for an export button, but there was no table footer.
  • Fix: Collections after a button which failed its availability test would result in a Javascript error
  • Fix: Set MIME type for Excel file creation to allow correct download in Firefox
  • Fix: Invalid Excel file could be created with < or >
  • Fix: Print button used a thead rather than tfoot for footer export
  • Fix: Button selector by name


  • Fix docs: Note that the format option is available since 1.1.0
  • Fix docs: Typo in columnVisibility example
  • Fix docs: Correct documentation links with 404 errors