Buttons 1.0.0

DataTables CDN files for Buttons 1.0.0. This software was originally released on 12th August, 2015.

Release notes

It is common to want to display buttons next to a DataTable which control's the display of the table, exports the data, or otherwise effects the data shown in the table - Editor's create, edit and delete actions for example. The Buttons provide provides a common UI and API framework for exactly that.

This function used to be served by the TableTools library for DataTables - Buttons replaces TableTools. Buttons makes full use of the new DataTables API to present a much more friendly and accessible set of options. It also focuses on providing an easily extendible framework for the buttons, with the core library providing just the functions need to display the buttons and control them via the API.

Modules are available which add the functionality that most will be interested in:

  • Column visibility controls (replacing ColVis)
  • HTML5 export (with true XLSX file creation)
  • Flash export for legacy browsers
  • Print view

These can be optionally included on your page as you require.

Many of the other DataTables extensions, such as Editor and Select also provide button types that use the Buttons library to display buttons which are specific to the features they provide.

For full details please refer to the Buttons documentation.

  • New: Common styling, options and API for button controls
  • New: Tight integration with DataTables initialisation options and API
  • New: HTML5 export options for modern browsers
  • New: Flash export options for legacy browsers
  • New: Column visibility control
  • New: Print view button type
  • New: DataTables, Bootstrap, Foundation and jQuery UI styling options
  • New: Smaller and simpler code base