AutoFill 2.7.0

DataTables CDN files for AutoFill 2.7.0. This software was originally released on 15th February, 2024.

Release notes

AutoFill 2.7.0 brings full support for DataTables 2 to the table. It is backwards compatible with DataTables 1.x since none of the new APIs are used. There are also a couple of fixes and tidy ups in this release.


  • Slightly increase the size of the drag handle to make it easier to grab.
  • Remove the use of a private API method from DT1.x. The replacement is a public method that has been in since 1.11 (updated version check for this)


  • Input box for increment was unusably narrow in some styles
  • If an Editor submit results in an error, the Editor instance needs to be "closed" to finalise the edit, since there is nothing we can do in AutoFill to correct the error. Editor will display the error to the end user.
  • Remove unused variable (Linting)
  • Increment wasn't working with the new button list

Types (Typescript)

  • Explicit void return type for constructor
  • Plug-in was on the wrong DataTables host object


  • Enable / disable example to use layout for DataTables 2.
  • Consistent formatting for example code


  • Update to reflect the use of the global DataTable variable rather than jQuery for initialisation.