AutoFill 2.0.0

DataTables CDN files for AutoFill 2.0.0. This software was originally released on 12th August, 2015.

Release notes

AutoFill 2 is a complete rewrite of the original software, featuring a much more compact and simpler code base, which is tightly coupled with DataTables for easy integration. AutoFill 2 provides the same basic interaction with the DataTable - click and drag to fill cells with data - but v2 adds a lot of flexibility through its new multi-fill options. Users can now select how they wish to fill the data (horizontally, vertically or with an incrementing value for example) and new fill styles can easily be added. Full styling integration with the styling frameworks supported by DataTables is also now available.

Please note that this release is not backwards compatible. If you have been using a previous version of AutoFill and would like to upgrade, please refer to the AutoFill documentation for details on how to use this latest version.


  • New: Complete rewrite of AutoFill
  • New: Integration with the DataTables initialisation options
  • New: Column selection options
  • New: User fill type selection
  • New: Easy plug-in fill types
  • New: Integration with Editor's multi-row editing
  • New: Full support for server-side processing
  • New: Support for scrolling DataTables
  • New: DataTables, Bootstrap, Foundation and jQuery UI styling options
  • New: Smaller and simpler code base


  • Now requires IE8+