AutoFill 1.2.0

DataTables CDN files for AutoFill 1.2.0. This software was originally released on 27th January, 2014.

Release notes

This release of AutoFill is a forward looking release, building on the framework of DataTables 1.10, which will soon be entering into beta (as the extensions such as AutoFill as all updated for it).

The major theme of this release is harmonisation with the other DataTables extensions, particularly:

  • AutoFill is now available under $.fn.dataTable.AutoFill
  • AMD module and Bower support (datatables-autofill)
  • The ability to set defaults using $.fn.dataTable.AutoFill.defaults
  • camelCase notation support to match DataTables 1.10

Please note that in order to provide a number of the improvements in this release, I've taken the unusual step of making it not 100% backwards compatible with v1.1. Please see below for the changes.

New features

  • New: MIT licensed
  • New: Bower package support
  • New: AMD module support
    • AutoFill can now be loaded using the named module datatables-autofill.
    • Note that for AutoFill AMD loading to work, DataTables 1.10 or newer is required
  • New: Update AutoFill to link in with the DataTables 1.10 build processing
  • New: Rename AutoFill files to be dataTables.autoFill.* for consistencywith the rest of the DataTables project
  • New: No global variable - must be accessed using $.fn.dataTable.AutoFill
  • New: read, write and step functions for columns must simpler
  • New: Full compatibility with 1.10 and leverage the new API where possible (1.9- will still work as before though).
  • New: complete / fnComplete callback is made independent of columns
  • New: Ability to provide defaults
  • New: camelCase notation to match 1.10
  • New: Fill horizontally! Thank you to @gem list for this feature
  • New: Add increment / bIncrement column option
    • The new option tells AutoFill if it should attempt to increment numbers or not. Default is true for backwards compatibility
  • New examples: horizontal and both axis filler


  • Fix: JSHint errors - mainly just trailing white space, but a couple of leaking variables as well
  • Fix: AutoFill didn't take hidden columns into account for column enablement
  • Fix: jQuery 1.9 drops $().live() so need to update to use $().on()

Not backwards compatible changes

  • AutoFill is no longer available in the global namespace. Use $.fn.dataTable.AutoFill
  • The fnComplete column callback has been removed. Use the complete global option instead.
  • fnStep has been altered to be "sane". It was incredibly difficult to use the old form of fnStep and how it works has now been hugely simplified, but if you were using fnStep it will require updating your code.