DataTables 1.9.4

DataTables CDN files for DataTables 1.9.4. This software was originally released on 23rd September, 2012.

Release notes

This update of DataTables sees a number of performance improvements and bug fixes, paving the way for development of DataTables 1.10 to now get underway. In general use you should see no change in this update (other than the bug fixes and general performance improvements!), but please be aware that fnRender has now been fully deprecated and will be removed in DataTables 1.10. It is strongly recommended that you use mRender to manipulate the data for display.

  • New: component.json file for Bower ( ) support. Both component.json and package.json are generated with the correct version number in them.
  • New: Add support for AMD-based module loaders (such as requirejs).
  • Update: Fully deprecate fnRender - it will be removed from the next major version of DataTables and it is strongly advised that you do not use it!
  • Update: Examples - remove all reference of fnRender, instead granting preference to mRender.
  • Update: Updating to jQuery 1.8.2
  • Performance: Large improvement in scrolling performance due to rearranging the way that column widths are read and applied to the target table. Rather than merging reading and writing together, we now separate the reading and writing phases, allowing the browser's rendering engine to optimise the reflow. Props to jlabanca for this modification - 11541
  • Performance: Number of improvements in DOM node iteration through use of nextSibling
  • Examples: update - bind the 'xhr' event to the table without calling DataTables - no need for that call to be made.
  • Examples: Add <code> CSS markup for examples.
  • Fix: Only restore hidden columns if table is not being removed from DOM
  • Fix: Added fix for memory leak because of potential circular reference
  • Fix: Header TD elements need an outline of none to stop of focus flicker (matching TH elements which already have this)
  • Fix: A header made of only TD elements wasn't being correctly detected - 11705
  • Fix: If the user is currently focused on the filtering input element, don't overwrite the value that is already shown as this will effect the cursor position.
  • Fix: State saving deletion of cookies was somewhat broken. It would delete cookies out of order, which is not what we want. Rewrite how the 'overage' of cookies (4K limit) is handled
  • Fix: Remove irrelevant and broken bSortable check for the column options - fix issue #101
  • Fix: mRender and mData now work in the same way for DOM sourced tables as they do for JS sourced table data. Generally we wouldn't really expect them to be used as much for DOM sourced tables (if you want your table formatted differently, you'd just create the HTML differently!), but it can sometimes be useful to use these options. This also brings mRender to full 'pace' ready to be used in complete preference to fnRender (alongside the other methods for cell rendering such an fnCellCreated etc).
  • Fix: Use greedy match regex for replacements. Otherwise, you could have: "START of TOTAL, showing START to END" replaced as: "1 of 5, showing START to 3"
  • Fix: Allow for adding / removing an arbitrary number of stripe rows
  • Fix: Firefox Windows (not Mac) had an error when calculating if scrolling over sizing was needed or not (_fnBrowserDetect). The result was that the table did not fill the space when y-scrolling was enabled and Firefox Windows was used. Fix is to remove the height on the DT_BrowserTest parent as suggested by randomuser - 11406
  • Fix - docs: sNext and sPrevious referenced to full_numbers pagination type, but they can be used for any pagination control: 9192
  • Fix - docs: Documentation error for fnGetPosition - missing one of the return indexes - 11708