DataTables 1.9.2

DataTables CDN files for DataTables 1.9.2. This software was originally released on 22nd June, 2012.

Release notes

It has been a little over two months since the last DataTables release, and this latest update includes a number of bug fixes for issues that have been found over this period. Also included in this release are updated versions of TableTools, Scroller, ColVis and ColReorder. There are no new features in this version of DataTables, instead focusing on addressing knowing issues and paving the way for 1.10 development to begin.

  • Updated: Allow custom JUI header and footer classes to be customised using oClasses.sJUIHeader and oClasses.sJUIFooter
  • Update - examples: Use $ and fnUpdate in the index column example - 9840
  • Update - examples: Update XRegExp to 1.5.1 with IE8 fix
  • Fix: Regex filter escaping wasn't escaping the dash ('-') character believe it or not. That's been there since very early DataTables!
  • Fix: When setting deeply nested object properties, where the parent object doesn't yet exist, don't just silently fail. Since we are setting a value, we are at liberty to create the parent object and then set the value - this now does so.
  • Fix: fnDeleteRow could cause the page to drop back by one - 9505
  • Fix: Calling fnClose in fnPreDrawCallback would result in an error - 9702
  • Fix - API: $ method, when used with defered rendering, when all rows have not been rendered, results in jQUery trying to perform a selector on 'null' which throws an error. Now check for the tr having being created before adding it to the array to pass to jQuery - 8862
  • Fix - docs: Add jqXHR saving to fnServerData example
  • Fix - docs: JSDoc syntax errors which were picked up by JSDoc Toolkit
  • Fix - docs: fnStateLoad example has a spare parameter (although not in the parameters list). Removed
  • Fix - docs: sDom default had an error in it for the closing bracket
  • Fix - examples: Security updates to the server-side processing demo scripts from Chris Wright - specifically no MySQL error strings are shown to the end user.
  • Fix - examples: The global filter in the example PHP scripts wasn't taking into account the bSearchable_{i} flag - it was only being checked on individual column filtering - 8949
  • Fix - examples: Remove debug code