DataTables 1.7.6

DataTables CDN files for DataTables 1.7.6. This software was originally released on 2nd March, 2011.

Release notes

This is a bug fix release of DataTables, which will likely draw the 1.7.x series of releases to a close (unless anything really serious is found!). DataTables 1.7 has proven itself in terms of stability, and this release increases that standing by fixing a number of small bugs and little niggles. I've been taking DataTables to its limits recently (and enjoying it immensely!) and found a few little things which needed to be tidied up along the way. This release includes those fixes and a few other little changes. Enjoy!

  • Updated: Bring jQuery bundled with DataTables to current release - 1.5.1
  • Updated: jEditable source to v1.7.1
  • Updated: Server-side example scripts brought up-to-date
  • Fix: The instance that is stored (oSettings.oInstance) could contain muliple tables in a single instance, when tables are created with a selector that includes multiple tables. This could make API access a bit more tricky (3963) so now store a unique instance of the DataTables object for each individual instance.
  • Fix: fnGetData and fnGetNodes to return null when a row number is passed in that is out of the table's range.
  • Fix: fnUpdate wasn't updating cells which were hidden by fnSetColumnVis or bVisible. It does now.
  • Fix: The scrolling header container should really be width:100% rather than a fixed width. The pixel width was trying to do width:100% and succeeding, but needing to be calculated rather than done natively.
  • Fix: Remove all added events in fnDestroy, otherwise DataTables will leak memory like crazy when the destroy function is called
  • Fix: Namespace all events added via jQuery (using the 'DT' namespace) to make events easy to remove in fnDestroy.
  • Fix: When unbinding DT namespaced events in fnDestroy, also unbind anything attached to the wrapper element
  • Fix: Internal footer height for scrolling table should be set to 0, just like the header is
  • Fix: JUI CSS styles were using only JPG images rather than PNG for standard paging
  • Fix: Table width calculations need to be done on the outerWidth, rather than 'inner', otherwise things simply don't add up (and IE get's a bit confused - fair enough).
  • Fix: With all warnings enabled in PHP, there were certain DataTables initialisations which could trigger warnings in the example server porecessing script.
  • Fix: Modify unit tests for all warnings enabled in PHP and remove depreciated function calls
  • Fix: Fix: When removing stripe classes, look only at the direct tbody tag, not nested which could remove classes you want to keep!