DataTables 1.7.3

DataTables CDN files for DataTables 1.7.3. This software was originally released on 30th September, 2010.

Release notes

As time rolls on it's time for another DataTables release :-). Version 1.7.3 here focuses mainly of fixing a few bugs which have come to light and making a few of the examples more accessible. Also included in this new distribution are the ColVis and FixedColumns plug-ins. Enjoy.

  • New: Added FixedColumns plug-in to the 'extras' in the distribution.
  • New: Added ColVis plug-in to the 'extras' in the distribution.
  • Updated: server_side/row_details.html and api/row_details.html both now used live events to make life easier.
  • Updated: Added link to Marko's post in the forum for the input multi filter example, giving the code for how to restore the values when state saving is enabled. Thanks Marko - 2864
  • Updated: Modify the editable example to give the column information as well as row to the server
  • Updated: Build system has been significantly improved to aid packaging (only really effects me since the build system isn't currently public - although it might be soon given that it's much cleaner now!)
  • Fixed: When infinite scrolling, DataTables would clear it's internal cache of rows on every draw, when server-side processing was being used. This could result in fnGetNodes giving only a subset of the nodes which are visible, rather than the full set (which it now does).
  • Fixed: When initialising multiple tables it was possible (no aoColumns given, and different number of columns) for DataTables to get confused and think one table's columns belong to another (due to a non-unique array in the initialisation object which was being wrongly used).
  • Fixed: Stable sorting algorithm was slightly wrong when dealing with values which match each other. The idea for the stable sort is that the position shouldn't change so it should do a numeric sort of the row's current positions (the comment reflected this...) but it was in fact doing the sort on the value (aoData index), thus the "stable sort" position would reflect the original starting positions of the data, rather than the current position. The fix is to correctly look up the position of the index in the array and sort on that position (note the array is cloned, so it doesn't try to sort the dynamically sorted positions, which would make the sort unstable) - 2746
  • Fixed: Add a sanity check to ensure that the node given to DataTables is in fact a table - 2343
  • Fixed: State saving when there were no column being sorted was broken - 2914
  • Fixed: If a TR height was specified via css globally (for example tr{height:20px}) this would cause the hidden header and footer in scrolling tables to be shown. Added override by CSS style for this - 2765
  • Fixed: Now restore the width of the original table on fnDestory. This is needed for when using sScrollXInner, and on other occasions where using DataTables will force the table to be wider than it otherwise would be - 2840