DataTables 1.7.2

DataTables CDN files for DataTables 1.7.2. This software was originally released on 14th September, 2010.

Release notes

This latest version of DataTables sees a number of bug fixes, but possibly of more interest to many is the new infinite scrolling feature. With infinite scrolling, DataTables will load data on-the-fly as the user scrolls the table. This will work for server-side and client-side processing, without any modification of your scripts! Simply set the new initialisation parameter bScrollInfinite to true.

Other goodies include the ability to set an ID on elements created by sDom and much more control over jQuery UI themed sorting icons.

  • New: Infinite scrolling! Building on the scrolling feature set that was introduced with 1.7, you can now have DataTables do infinite scrolling (bScrollInfinite: true), where data is loaded dynamically as and when needed by the user's interaction with scrolling. Infinite scrolling can be used by all DataTables' supported data sources without modification.
  • New: The distance from the end of the current scrolling container before new data is added (with infinite scrolling) can be controlled with iScrollLoadGap (which is a numeric value in pixels).
  • New: Example (basic_init/scrolling_y_infinite.html) to show how infinite scrolling can be used.
  • New: When using jQuery UI theme option, DataTables will wrap the contents of sortable TH element in a DIV which can then be used to position the sorting arrow accurately across all columns. The required CSS has been added to the CSS files to show this effect.
  • New: It is now possible to have elements created by sDom have an ID assigned to them as well as a class. An extension of the previous class only syntax you can now do something like "#id.class", "#id" or "class" - 2666
  • Fixed: iDraw was not being incremented for a draw that did not use server-side processing.
  • Fixed: Column width calculations are now done after DataTables has done it's required DOM manipulation. This means that column width calculations are more accurate and take account of dynamic data.
  • Fixed: DataTables would unnecessarily add mousedown and selectstart event handlers to TH elements which aren't used for sorting. This is used on sorting columns to prevent text selection when clicking the element to perform sorting - 2668
  • Fixed: fnInitComplete was being called too early for server-side processing. It is now called after the first draw is complete, like the other data sources.
  • Fixed: Destroying a scrolling table was not correctly reassembling the table from it's component parts which are split up for scrolling.
  • Fixed: Incorrect reference for state saving cookie data string which would cause an error in jQuery 1.3 and before
  • Fixed: When destroying a table which had been filtered to no results, the 'No results' row was not automatically removed, returning in the table being unable to be re-initialised (since it has a colspan).
  • Fixed: Now use en/decodeURIComponent() for state saving cookie with the filtering strings - 2608
  • Fixed: Column visibility was not being saved when calling fnSetColumnVis. It would require another draw to save the state before - 2635.
  • Fixed: Column visibility was not be restored from the state saving cookie. A small tidy up of the column creation code as well - 2635.
  • Fixed: Data casting is now done after fnRender is called. This means that if you pass fnAddData a number, you'll get a number, and not the number cast as a string - 2611.
  • Fixed: The 'rewind' of the display start point wasn't being calculated in the same way for server-side processing and client-side. This was due to a bug in the calculation of fnDisplayEnd for server-side - 2600.