DataTables 1.7.1

DataTables CDN files for DataTables 1.7.1. This software was originally released on 22nd August, 2010.

Release notes

Now that the dust has settled from the 1.7.0 release, I've been able to take stock and address a few issues which have come to light. Moving forwards with the 1.7 series of DataTables, this release sees a number of bugs addressed, and also a couple of new features. The two new features are both callback functions: fnCookieCallback allows customisation of the state saving cookie, while fnInfoCallback allows details customisation on the information element's text.

Hope you enjoy!

  • New: Language callback function for the information element. This can be used to customise the language shown in the information element beyond what is possible with the built in language string options (for example plurals). The arguments are fnInfoCallback( oSettings, iStart, iEnd, iMax /*no filter*/, iTotal /*after filter*/, sOut /*DT rendered string*/ ) - 2520
  • New: Cookie callback function (can be passed as an initialisation parameter) called fnCookieCallback, which allows the developer to modify the information stored in the cookie. Takes four arguments (sName, oData, sExpires, sPath) and expects a complete cookie string to be returned (with name, value, expires and path correctly formatted). - 2510
  • Updated: Complex headers have been relaxed such that TH elements no longer need to be unique. There does need to be the correct TH elements with colspans and rowspans which add up, and each column requires at least one TH element for itself, but it is now possible to have two (or more) TH elements for each column.
  • Updated: Warning when adding a new row when the length doesn't match the known number of columns has been updated to indicate the known columns and what was added. Thanks to Adam Sah for this.
  • Updated: Now use jQuery's JSON parse function (in jQuery 1.4) rather than JSON.js
  • Updated: Altered fnClearTable to clear the data arrays in a cleaner manner - 2476
  • Fixed: State saving cookie used single quote strings in places (in correct JSON). This has now been addressed, and a work around in place (replace) until a sufficient period has passed
  • Fixed: Removed unnecessary white space from state saving cookies
  • Fixed: When displaying full data set with server-side processing (_iDisplayLength = -1), this would incorrectly be shown in the table information - 2440
  • Fixed: Rows with HTML entities and BR tags in them could break filtering in IE and Opera - 2512
  • Fixed: Columns with zero length strings only in them and with a given width would be missed from the width calculations - 2530
  • Fixed: Typo for tfoot, should be tbody - "Sanity check that there is a thead and tfoot. If not let's just create them"
  • Fixed: Setting a negative width in IE results in an error (fair enough) - so stop this from happening - 2544
  • Fixed: The second parameter for fnServerData was being passed as null when used without server-side processing. It makes much more sense to pass an empty array - 2553
  • Fixed: The width of the table is now not fixed to the width of the container when scrolling is not applied (this is the same behaviour as 1.6-) - 2530
  • Fixed: fnDestroy didn't restore columns which had been hidden by DataTables, resulting in these columns being completely lost - 2569
  • Fixed: Sorting classes weren't being removed in Firefox 3.0 (3.1+ were fine) - 2449
  • Fixed: Themeroller 1.8 introduced a few changes from 1.7 (main fg-button* > ui-button) which was causing 1.8 themes to not show correctly. This release updates DataTables to use ThemeRoller 1.8 themes by default, but retains 1.7 backwards compatibility for now (to be removed in future) - 1559