DataTables 1.7.0

DataTables CDN files for DataTables 1.7.0. This software was originally released on 1st August, 2010.

Release notes

DataTables 1.7 has been in planning almost as soon as 1.6.0 was available, and under active development for the last three months. It has been slightly longer in coming that originally planned, but I am delighted to now be able to release DataTables 1.7.0.

After a beta cycle which saw eight releases, I wish to offer a huge thank you to everyone who has been testing it and reporting issues back to me. DataTables 1.7 boasts a number of enhancements for both the end user's final view of the table, and for you, the developer, to make your life easier.

I hope you enjoy this release!

  • No changes from 1.7 beta 8. As a recap of the new features in the 1.7 series:
  • New: X and Y scrolling! A table can now be constrained in both height and width, allowing scrolling to view hidden content. This works with or without pagination, and all other DataTables functions as would be expected. To accommodate this new feature the initialisation parameters iScrollX and iScrollY have been added which will take the height and width of the table (they are fully independent, you do not need to define both). Note that this feature is off by default but is there if you want to use it.
  • New: aoColumnDefs - it is now possible to use this initialisation option to give column specific information (sClass etc) for one or more columns, by targeting a column using it's position or a class name (on the TH element), or all columns, and no longer need to specific aoColumns which had to match the exact column length, and could be very annoying for dynamic width tables.
  • New: Big overhaul to the filtering interface - it is no longer a pain in the neck to work with!
    • bEscapeRegex has now been replaced with bRegex (which is basically a NOT of the old var)
    • Can now enable and disable smart filtering (where DataTables tries to be smart with user input)
    • Smart filtering is available on individual column filtering now
    • When entering a global filter using fnFilter, the search text will now be displayed in the table's filter input (unless you overrule this by passing false as the 5th parameter to fnFilter)
  • New: fnDestory API function which will delete a DataTable, restoring the table to it's original 'unenhanced' state.
  • New: Now using Closure compiler, rather than YUIcompressor. This results a saving of 1/3 file size in the minified version!
  • New: null can be given to DataTables for display (as part of JSON data). When null is found in supplied data, DataTables will now treat it as if it were an empty string.
  • Mew: aLengthMenu - initialisation option to specify the lengths that you want to be visible in the user selectable length menu. This is backwards compatible with the old way of replacing _MENU_ with whatever you want, but this behaviour is now recommended if you want to change only the length display options. Can be a 1D array, or 2D array (for separate language and value options).
  • New: The scope of execution (this) for all of the callback functions (fnDrawCallback, fnHeaderCallback, fnFooterCallback, fnInitComplete, fnRowCallback and fnServerData) is now the DataTables object - as such you do not need to use 'oTable' (or whatever you call it) inside the callback functions - just use 'this'. The change also makes it possible to use API functions in the callback during initialisation.
  • New: The built in date and numeric sorting both now allow blank values for the input. For example you could have a column of dates, with some being empty strings, which will still be sorted by date, rather then by string as would have been prior to 1.7.
  • New: Automatic type detection of HTML content (for sorting a filtering). No longer need to specify sType:html for these columns
  • New: Data is trimmed (be it from the DOM or a Javascript based array source) which allows data with white-space around it to be correctly sorted and dealt with (2230).