DataTables 1.5.5

DataTables CDN files for DataTables 1.5.5. This software was originally released on 8th December, 2009.

Release notes

Bit of a tidy up release this one, cleaning up sDom when using jQuery UI (the standard classes how have H and F macros, rather than requiring the long class strings which can make things confusing), and also passing sorting and filtering enablement information (on a per column basis) to the server are the new features here. Everything else is just minor bug fixes. Enjoy!

  • New: Two new sDom constants: H and F for jQuery UI theme header and footer (a long string of classes). Done like this to allow easier accessibility of sDom when used with jQueryUI theming
  • New: bSortable_{i} and bSearchable_{i} have been added as parameters sent to the server-side (when server-side processing is used). This allows for the client and server-sides to be more flexible
  • Updated: jEditable demo now has IDs in the TD elements which are also submitted.
  • Fixed: iCookieDuration was missing from the initialisation parameters
  • Fixed: State saving did not restore pagination state when bFilter was false
  • Fixed: When sorting disabled (either by an individual column, or globally with bSort) classes were not applied to the table header cells, resulting in a poor visual effect, particularly with jQuery UI themeing enabled
  • Fixed: When sName defined for the column but sColumns not returned by the server, there would be a Javascript error