DataTables 1.5.3

DataTables CDN files for DataTables 1.5.3. This software was originally released on 18th October, 2009.

Release notes

It's taken a little while to get to this release, but now 1.5.3 is here, and it brings with it a raft of bug fixes, and a few nice little feature additions - mainly the ability to control the default sorting direction of columns, and limiting the sorting to just ascending or descending.

  • New: Default sorting direction is now controllable
  • New: You can limit sorting to a single direction, or add complex behaviour as required
  • New: fnRender object now also included oSettings
  • New: fnDraw API function now accepts a single argument (boolean) to indicate if the redraw should be complete (i.e. re-sort and re-filter), which has the side effect of resetting the pagination, or just update the display as it is.
  • Updated: The jQuery UI classes for sorting have been updated to take account of the new sorting direction control feature. This involves the use of a mix of triangle and chevron icons to make it clear what sorting can be controlled.
  • Fixed: If the auto width calculation has found a table width of 0, it is not applied to the table. The reason being is that this can occur when the table is not in the documents, display flow.
  • Fixed: Pressing return in the search box could cause a form to be submitted
  • Fixed: JUI themes: insert span for the sorting direction in the header as the first element in the TH - makes it suitable for display:block styling. Thanks to TomC for this fix
  • Fixed: fnOpen() will now work for elements which are not on the current page.
  • Fixed: Child-tables could cause issues with the width calculation were to many TD elements were being selected
  • Fixed: Selectors checked and improved for dealing with child-tables
  • Fixed: When changing the number of columns in a table, and having bStateSave enabled, this could cause DataTables to expect the wrong number of columns. Now it will expect what is in the data source, and throw away the state information if it is out of date.
  • Fixed: When showing all records (-1 length) the 'Next' and 'Previous' buttons weren't being disabled
  • Fixed: When showing all records (-1 length) some of the buttons could cause 'odd' behaviour when clicked, even although nothing should have happened
  • Fixed: _fnReDraw was missing from oApi
  • Fixed: Adding a column to an empty table element with the column initially hidden and then shown would result in the column title failing to be to displayed (the cell would be)