DataTables 1.5.2

DataTables CDN files for DataTables 1.5.2. This software was originally released on 6th September, 2009.

Release notes

I'm very pleased to be able to release DataTables 1.5.2 which includes the exciting new feature of full ThemeRoller support (enabled through the 'bJQueryUI' initialisation parameter). This makes it trivial to integrate DataTables into your web-site's look and feel, matching the other jQuery UI widgets, or just to add professional looking styling to your tables. There is also a couple of bug fixes to improve stabilisation.

  • New: Full support for jQuery UI's Theme Roller (using the bJQueryUI initialisation parameter)
  • New: Custom classes names for all elements can now be defined
  • New: In full numbers paging, the 'permanent' buttons (first, next etc) now have their classes updated to be 'active' when they can be clicked on.
  • Fixed: When using sAjaxSource with state saving, the paginging number was not retained
  • Fixed: Internal naming for 'first' span for full_numbers paging was incorrect
  • Fixed: _fnGetTrNodes, _fnGetDataMaster and fnGetPosition did not consider nulls in aoData (as a result of fnDelete)
  • Fixed: Column detection did not take account of TD elements mixed in with the THs