DataTables 1.4.1

DataTables CDN files for DataTables 1.4.1. This software was originally released on 8th March, 2009.

Release notes

This is a maintenance release of DataTables, which fixes a number of quirks in DataTables 1.4.0, and addresses a few minor feature requests to make development that little bit easier!

  • Updated: Plenty of attention to fnRender() - thanks to mimic on the forum.
  • Updated: fnRender()ed data is stored in the internal aoData internal storage array to
  • Updated: fnRender callback, aData parameter is now only the row in question - not the entire table
  • New: Pass oSettings to fnInitComplete
  • New: Add a third element to the array returned by fnGetPosition for TD elements - to indicate the position with hidden nodes
  • New: Added a single row get for fnGetNodes()
  • New: Use JSON.parse() for cookie if it is available for security. This is recommend.
  • New: Regular expression flag for global and individual column filtering is now retained. Therefore you could now enable global regex filtering by doing 'oTable.fnSettings().oPreviousSearch.bEscapeRegex = false;'.
  • Fixed: Filtering did not work when using fnRender()
  • Fixed: fnUpdate() now considers fnRender()
  • Fixed: fnGetData() speed improved for a single row
  • Fixed: when initialising an empty table (ajax or aaData) a sorting type of 'string' is not assumed
  • Fixed: Bug in _fnColumnIndexToVisible() which could cause issues with fnUpdate()
  • Fixed: When oLanguage was specified, the DataTables initialisation process returned too early due to a setTimeout poll. This is only needed for an XHR language file.