DataTables 1.13.5

DataTables CDN files for DataTables 1.13.5. This software was originally released on 4th July, 2023.

Release notes

Dark mode! Vanilla JS examples! And of course bug fixes and tweaks. This is a packed release, which doesn't change DataTables core much, hence the minor release bump, but there is still plenty to get excited about here. See the release notes for full details and an up coming blog post for a summary.


  • New: Dark mode support for DataTables and Bootstrap 5.3 styling
  • New: CSS variables for row-stripe, row-hover and column-ordering to allow support for dark mode (12952d5d).
  • New: Smart quote support for mobile browsers on search input (1a3ad0c4).


  • Update: Control open / close icon simplified to by just an arrow (fixes vertical alignment issue and simpiler for custom styling) Fix: Tighter selectors for table cell borders (c685141d).
  • Update: CSS styling for dark mode (e90eb67d).
  • Update: DataTable.use() will now accept a DateTime object to register against the DataTables API (c39dab7d).
  • Update: The i18n() method will now return an object is a high level string is asked for (adb2f37f)


  • Fix: Bug causing the table to always scroll back to the first row after an Ajax reload (8f8c3440).
  • Fix: CommonJS with a window-less environment should return a function, instead it was referring to window which doesn't exist (d620e2ea).
  • Fix: Correct aria-role attribute to role (2a6817e5).
  • Fix: Correct type inheritance for styling packages (8bc1a4c2).
  • Fix: DataTable.Api.registerPlural() method had wrong type assigned to it (09c15fe1).
  • Fix: Mouseup event was not being removed from input element for search, resulting in a memory leak (7050f36c).
  • Fix: Possible script injection mitigation (0a5d970f).
  • Fix: Remove incorrect argument count on internal filtering call (7191c90f).
  • Fix: Remove use of let for compatibility with old browsers (f768de40).
  • Fix: Safari on iOS 9 and lower would throw an error (d995090d).
  • Fix: Styling of border between selected rows improved (97d5dbab).
  • Fix: Typing error for the return from row().child().show() (9f856015).
  • Fix: When using array notation with a get fetch operation util.get() an error could occur if an array was expected but null was given (5ea38709).


  • Examples: Switcher for theme mode (be55e7b5).
  • Examples: Refactor examples (ad289b2b).
  • Examples: Vanilla or jQuery initialisation selector (07e87b00).
  • Examples: Removing document ready wrapper from examples (92a4f1ca).