DataTables 1.13.2

DataTables CDN files for DataTables 1.13.2. This software was originally released on 3rd February, 2023.

Release notes

Primarily a bug fix release, but this also introduces a few news features, including the ability to control the row selection colour using a CSS variable (the first CSS variable used in DataTables). Additionally, events will now be triggered on the document body, even if it has not yet been inserted into the DOM for the document. This is useful for listening to xhr and i18n during a setup phase.

  • New: Use of CSS variables (with fallback for old browsers) to be able to easily change the selected row colour
  • New: If a table is not yet attached to the document, then we trigger the event on the table as before, but now also on the body of the document. This is to simulate the bubbling that is normally performed by events, so we can listen for events such as xhr without needing to worry if the table is in the document or not.
  • New: Experimental support for BigInt
  • New: pagingTag option to control the tag type that will be used by the paging control

  • Fix: Accessability improvements with additional ARIA attributes for paging control

  • Fix: Improvements to accessability for Bootstrap 5 paging control
  • Fix: Remove template string syntax - replace with older ES5 style
  • Fix: Use ES5 var rather than let
  • Fix - types: Add oSort onto ApiStaticExt
  • Fix - types: Split ConfigColumnDefs into {target} and {targets}
  • Fix - build: JQUI import
  • Fix - build: Error in CommonJS loader for styling extensions. Wasn't correctly loading the extension base for the styling files.