DataTables 1.11.5

DataTables CDN files for DataTables 1.11.5. This software was originally released on 28th February, 2022.

Release notes

This patch release of DataTables core focuses on addressing performance issues related to how the child row visibility state is saved. This is a feature that was introduced in 1.11 and could be seen when state was saved very frequently (i.e. showing all child rows at the same time).

Also introduced in this release is a prototype ESM (ES Module) file for loading DataTables via an import statement. This is still early work, but feedback is welcome.

  • Fix: Make child row state saving async to allow batching of state saving information.
  • Fix: Performance was degraded on draw due to the saving of child row status
  • Fix: Correctly set header row height to 0 regardless of box-sizing
  • Fix - examples: Demo SSP class updated to address error in the number of parameters being bound when using the complex class.
  • Fix: Colon not being escaped in child row ids for statesave
  • Prototype: ES module support for DataTables core