DataTables 1.11.0

DataTables CDN files for DataTables 1.11.0. This software was originally released on 25th August, 2021.

Release notes

Unbelievably it has been 7 years since DataTables 1.10 was released. We've moved on a long way since then, but in incremental steps and it is long past time we bumped more than just a patch release.

The headline feature in this release is that it is now possible to initialise and use DataTables without writing an jQuery code. We still use jQuery as a utility library, so it is still a dependency, but if you prefer to write non-jQuery code, you can now do so with DataTables as well.

Major work has also happened on the state saving (state can be read at any time rather than needing stateSave to be enabled) and child rows (which now work with state saving and will trigger their own childRow events). We've also revamped the TypeScript definitions for DataTables to make them more precise.

We hope you enjoy this latest iteration of DataTables!


  • Non-jQuery initialisation of DataTables.
  • Support for 204 status codes on Ajax response
  • No longer require an empty data array if there is no data
  • Initialisation option for search on return: search.return
  • Add a search-side processing example for search.return.
  • state() can be used to get the table's state even when state saving is not enabled
  • DataTable.util.nestedGet and DataTable.util.nestedSet methods which are used internally for and columns.render. This exposes that ability for use in plug-ins and extensions.
  • cells().render() now supports the search and order alias for getting orthogonal data
  • Child row actions will now trigger a childRow event
  • Child row state is now included in state saving
  • Add CSS for child rows into core CSS


  • Fix for old style $().dataTable() init
  • Fix jQuery definitions
  • Typing for selectors and passing around the data type more
  • Row data type information can be passed around now
  • Correct an error in the iterator method, allowing overrides
  • Expose top level DataTable class via TypeScript types


  • Documenting $.fn.dataTable static methods as accessible through DataTable object


  • CSS for nested DataTable in a scrolling DataTable would have its sorting icons removed
  • Rather than using Bootstrap 5's default row striping (which is 2n+1 based) we need to use the .odd selector to account for injected rows (child rows, rowgroup, etc).
  • Remove superflous aria roles
  • Scrollbar was showing on tables which had a border on the table
  • Make requestChild event run before initComplete
  • Fix naming of childRow event in docs
  • Misspellings and typos found by CodeSpell 2.1.0
  • Move typography styles to common.scss so that they are available on all styling libraries rather than just the core.
  • ajax when used as a function would not trigger an error event if an error occurred.
  • Column alignment was off for x-scrolling tables with complex headers in Chrome 91+