DataTables 1.10.9

DataTables CDN files for DataTables 1.10.9. This software was originally released on 1st September 2015.

Release notes


Core library

  • Fix: It was possible to select an item multiple times using redundant selectors.
  • Fix: Using Array.prototype.push.apply can fail on larger tables / queries due to limits on the number of arguments that can be passed to a function, imposed by the various Javascript engines.
  • Fix: Setting non-array data when DataTables has been told to expect an array results in a Javascript error. Although this is somewhat unexpected input, it is reasonable to expect DataTables to handle null values here, even although an empty array is much preferred.
  • Fix: Clear cache of row ids when the table is cleared. This is particularly important when server-side processing since the rows should no longer exist on the client-side when paging between records.
  • Fix: Rows could still be selected by id after they had been removed from the table. This could result in a memory leak as well as rows being selectable when they shouldn't be.
  • Fix: Column data setter function would be called twice for the first row in the table
  • Fix: When using a DOM data source, the cell's data function, as a setter, would be called twice
  • Fix: Columns could be set to 0 width in IE6/7 when there are hidden columns in the table
  • Fix: Browsers on Macs with zero width scrollbars would be incorrectly treated the same way as IE6/7 causing column width calculations to be incorrect.
  • Fix: Cell invalidation would fail due to incorrect logic
  • Fix: Compatibility with jQuery 2's isPlainObject. API instances were returning as plain objects
  • Fix: Row invalidation would throw an error when reading from a DOM row
  • Fix: When using a cell selector, if the element doesn't have a parent node (caused by it being hidden and a jQuery selector being used) an error would be thrown.


  • Fix - CSS: Bootstrap and Foundation were missing the empty row class to align text to the center
  • Fix - CSS: Bootstrap and Foundation would apply padding to a header cell, making space for a sort icon, even when the column is not sortable.


  • Fix - example: Column filtering would reset the paging on change event, which could give the impression that padding didn't happen since it is immediately over written.


  • Fix - docs: Note in ajax.json() that using ajax as a function will result in this method returning undefined
  • Fix - docs: Add note to draw() that the string options require 1.10.8 or newer
  • Fix - docs: infoCallback example had an incorrect parameter reference in it.
  • Fix - docs: Typo in description of row().data().
  • Fix - docs: Add information about the styling integration defaults for dom to the documentation
  • Fix - docs: Link to DataTables.Api was incorrect from $.fn.dataTable.tables() page.