DataTables 1.10.7

DataTables CDN files for DataTables 1.10.7. This software was originally released on 30th April, 2015.

Release notes

This release is made primarily to address an issue that caused a conflict with the latest releases of jQuery (1.11.3 and 2.1.4) which were released two days ago. It emerged that DataTables could inadvertently call $.map incorrectly. This wasn't an issue before as jQuery's own code allowed it to go through, but the fixes in the latest releases closed that hole.

There are a number of other bug fixes, particularly for IE6/7.

Also in this release are two new API methods: any() which simply checks to see if any results are in the API result set, and i18n() which provides basic internationalisation support for plug-in authors.

See the release notes below for full details.


  • New - API: any() method which can be used to check if the API result set contains any results or not
  • New - API: i18n() method to provide easy i18n support for developers working on extensions for DataTables and to allow language to be used as a central point of configuration for the language strings used by the table.
  • New: The jQuery XHR object is passed into the xhr event as the fourth parameter
  • New: Always trigger the xhr event on completion of an Ajax request, regardless of whether it was successful or in error
  • New: xhr can now return true to have DataTables not trigger the error event for cases where you've handled the error yourself now that xhr is triggered on error as well
  • New: External interface to allow the selector options selector-modifier object be extended by plug-ins, providing additional selector options. In the first instance this will be used by the new Selector extension that will add the ability to select rows, columns and cells by their selected status.


  • Fix: $.map() expects an array, but a string could be passed in during smart search, which could cause an error with the latest jQuery libraries
  • Fix: IE6/7 could crash completely when using auto width due to a clone of a clone occurring. This was bad for performance anyway and has been rewritten to resolve both the IE crash and performance issue
  • Fix: IE6/7 could crash when loading a DataTable on page load due to the binding of a resize event listener on the window object
  • Fix: For convenience $.fn.dataTable.Api() will now automatically construct a new DataTables API instance (i.e. it is functionality identical to calling new $.fn.dataTable.Api(). This addresses an outstanding todo item and an error in instanceof logic for the existing constructor
  • Fix: Singular selectors (row() for example) did not reduce their result sets to a single item
  • Fix - CSS: Typo in SCSS comment for order-column class enabling
  • Fix - CSS: Remove redundant CSS expressions


  • Fix - docs: columns.title had incorrect related links
  • Fix - docs: rowCallback was missing the index parameter
  • Fix - docs: columns.render function signature defined incorrect types
  • Fix - docs: columns().footer() and table().footer() had examples in their documentation that were incorrect.
  • Fix - docs: iterator() was missing parameters (incorrect xml tag)
  • Fix - docs: each() return statement was incorrect. The original API instance is returned unmodified.
  • Fix - docs: row().child() should have the class name as optional