DataTables 1.10.3

DataTables CDN files for DataTables 1.10.3. This software was originally released on 9th October, 2014.

Release notes

DataTables 1.10.3 sees a number of new features including:

DataTables 1.10.3 also includes 11 bug fixes, as well as a number of updates for the documentation and examples.

A blog post is available details some of the new features of this release.


  • New: Ability to use with a DOM sourced data to read the row information into an object rather than an array (the default)
  • New: Row, column and cell selectors can be provided as custom functions, providing the ability to select based on data, or any other parameter
  • New: cells().render() and cell().render() methods to trigger the rendering methods for the orthogonal data types. Similar to the cache() methods but this will specifically trigger a render and also provides access to the type and display options which cache() does not. Generally it is expected that this will replace the cache() methods
  • New: $.fn.dataTable.util.throttle() static utility method. This provides extension authors with an easy way to throttle function calls
  • New: column().dataSrc() and columns().dataSrc() methods which provide the ability to obtain the data source parameter for one or more columns
  • New: iterator() API documentation
  • New: searchDelay parameter that controls the throttle frequency for search requests using the global input text box


  • Update: iterator() updated to execute the callback in the scope of an API instance referring to the table in question
  • Update: Improved last page calculation - e.g. Suppose there are total 12 records and page size is set to 5 records/page. Go to last page, which should be 3, change page size to 10. Page#2 should be selected and it should show 2 records on it.
  • Update: bower.json updated with ignore, keywords and license


  • Fix: Javascript error when using smart filtering with quotes for exact matching
  • Fix: Native Date instances weren't being detected as a date type
  • Fix: jQuery UI integration when used with ColReorder could cause the wrong header to be shown as sorting
  • Fix: If language.decimal was given as a decimal point, rather than the default decimal sort being performed, decimals were just being stripped
  • Fix: Correct parameter for disabling paging
  • Fix: destroy() when a child row was shown resulted in a JS error
  • Fix: Numeric sorting for 0 was incorrect
  • Fix: Example SQL database had extension field as an integer. However, that meant that numbers such as 0001 were not correctly saved
  • Fix: Could not remove a multi-column sort using shift click like you could in 1.9-
  • Fix: ARIA label for the sorting that will occur next wasn't working correctly
  • Fix: Postgres generated SQL wouldn't allow a row to be inserted by Editor due to an incorrect sequence count


  • Update docs: Add DataTables.Settings documentation noting that its properties are private, but that it can be useful for accessing the API
  • Fix docs: Add a note to explain that the height given is for the body
  • Fix docs: ajax.dataSrc example was incorrect
  • Fix docs: Reference to filter() was pointing to the wrong link
  • Fix docs: Update documentation for map() and how returned values are handled. It matched the ECMAScript standard and not jQuery
  • Fix docs: Reference to paging was wrong
  • Fix docs: Remove json parameter from preDrawCallback
  • Fix docs: State save callbacks refered to the old style state object
  • Fix docs: Typo in processing event example
  • Fix docs: Typo in row-selector example
  • Fix docs: Typos noted by Arseny


  • Update example: Update the select column filtering example to use initComplete
  • Fix example: Hidden columns description text had inverted logic for the column state
  • Fix examples: SQLServer demo SQL gave a warning about inserting ids on an identify column
  • Fix examples: Deferred rendering SSP example's initial HTML was out of date
  • Fix examples: Remove rowIndex from select_rows example - not used
  • Fix examples: Incorrect column title for some server-side processing examples