DataTables 1.10.22

DataTables CDN files for DataTables 1.10.22. This software was originally released on 18th September, 2020.

Release notes

This is primarily a bug fix release of DataTables, but it does address a potential security issue as well, so please make sure you upgrade. If you were to make use of the option with the value __proto__ in it, there is the possibility of a prototype pollution attack. If you didn't use such a parameter name (and I don't know why you would!) you are not at any risk of this attack. This release patches that anyway.

We also address a number of bugs that have come to light, and take this opportunity to include TypeScript typings directly in the package, building on the excellent work already performed by the TypeScript community.

Finally, we have tech previews of Bootstrap 5 and Bulma styling as well.


  • New: Add typing file to source repo
  • New: Support for non-breakable space ('\u00A0') in number detection
  • Fix: Bootstrap 4 integration - removed nowrap styling from the table information text, as it could result in horizontal scrolling on mobile
  • Fix: Protect developers from inadvertantely introducing prototype pollution attack vector by throwing an error if __proto__ is found in a data source
  • Fix: Row details compat with jQuery 3.5
  • Fix: Remove deprecated jQuery.trim()
  • Fix: Use Array.isArray() rather than $.isArray()
  • Fix: "Last" paging button would be active on an empty table
  • Fix - performance: Replace [].concat.apply() with a flatten utility function


  • Fix: Chrome 83 introduced some really ugly defaults for input elements, so we've had to add some custom styling to tone it down a bit.
  • Fix: Bootstrap styling on headers wasn't correct when sorting in only one direction
  • Fix: incorrect format for table-sm classes


  • New: Bulma integration tech demo
  • New: Preview of Bootstrap 5 integration with DataTables
  • New: New example showing HighCharts integration
  • Fix: Correct error where there was no demo-html element


  • Update: Add Q for SearchBuilder to the dom documentation
  • Fix: cells().cache() return parameter was incorrectly documented