DataTables 1.10.21

DataTables CDN files for DataTables 1.10.21. This software was originally released on 11th May, 2020.

Release notes

Patch release for DataTables addressing a number of issue has have been raised since 1.10.20.


  • Update: Update to jQuery 3.5.1


  • Fix: Bootstrap 4 table-bordered class could have a missing border on header cells which used a colspan/rowspan
  • Fix: Avoid applying padding to non sortable items on small tables
  • Fix: Bootstrap 4 styling for the paging control on smaller screens - align to center
  • Fix: Always set max-height for scrolling - allowing Scroller to read the value
  • Fix: "Next" paging button was active when there were no records in the table
  • Fix: Protect against draw being 0
  • Fix: Arrays weren't working for tables()
  • Fix: Table selector of 0 wasn't limiting the API to just the first table when using tables()
  • Fix - Edge: Clear in search input wasn't working
  • Fix: Remove deprecated jQuery event short handlers - thanks @Mrks83
  • Fix: & was not being correctly encoded for the HTML entity escape
  • Fix - Compact class would cause header centred text to be slightly off center
  • Fix - Material style updated to use MDC
  • Fix example: Pipeline needs to return the Ajax object
  • Fix: The order event docs were missing the third parameter
  • Fix: IE11 when used with a file:// file and state saving enabled would never complete the table's initialisation. It still won't work with state saving (localStorage isn't supported in IE for file://) but it will now load the table
  • Fix: JS error when setting data for an unrendered row
  • Fix - example: Note use of columns().every() in filtering example