DataTables 1.10.20

DataTables CDN files for DataTables 1.10.20. This software was originally released on 1st October, 2019.

Release notes

Its been a while since the last DataTables release, but things haven't been static! This patch release addresses a number of bugs that have been found and also addresses a few performance issues that have been found.

  • Fixes
    • Regex searches can't be cumulative since the regex can alter what has gone before
    • Disabled paging buttons should be tab index -1.
    • Strip UTF8 new line separator from filter data
    • UIKit integration - better styling for filter and length inputs
    • Support for Unicode line separator as a new line character
    • When converting from camelCase to the legacy Hungarian notation which is used internally, the top level and column properties wouldn't overwrite any existing Hungarian notation parameters. This can arise if you use the same object to initialise multiple different tables at different points (i.e. in our tests!). It is unlikely to ever happen in the real world, and it would just result in the more modern notation being used by default.
    • jQuery 3.2 deprecates direct calling of event triggers (e.g. $().scroll() in this case)
    • Cell selector when used with options (e.g. page:'current') wasn't correctly applying those options to the row and column selectors if selecting the cell by row and column.
    • Unable to use td cells as a selector for row() and rows()
    • Performance: When changing column visibility via the API the header and footer should only be redrawn once per call (after the columns have been changed). State saving likewise.
    • Performance regression that was introduced in 1.10.17 for the cell selector. This was particularly apparent in exporting data with Buttons which uses the cells() method.
    • Performance: optimisations in creation of API instances and extending
    • Docs: searchCols used legacy parameter names
    • Docs: Clarify column().cells()
    • Docs: Typo fixes - thanks Martin!
    • Example: clear button support for multi-filter example
    • Example: Form input example doesn't use live DOM sorting, so shouldn't show the input columns as sortable
    • Examples: SQL Server example SQL could throw an error for servers configured with a French timezone - was read as ydm!
    • Examples: Demo SQL syntax for Sqlite dates was wrong