DataTables 1.10.13

DataTables CDN files for DataTables 1.10.13. This software was originally released on 6th December, 2016.

Release notes

Its been a while since the last update to DataTables core, so this release is a cumulation of bug fixes and other updates from the last six months. There isn't anything major here, the 1.10 branch is quite stable, but none the less this is a recommend upgrade for everyone using DataTables to address issues that have been found.

Javascript core

  • New
    • New: stateLoadCallback can now use a callback function for async loading of state data, rather than requiring it to be sync.
    • New: $.fn.dataTable.isDataTable() will now check for DataTable API instances as well (i.e. variables passed in)
    • New: Add first_last_numbers pagination option
  • Updates
    • Performance - slice() can be quite slow when modifying arrays for the filtering, so use push() instead.
  • Fixes
    • When assigning a handler for multiple events, automatically add the dt namespace. It worked before for single events, but not multiple.
    • Accept language.url being undefined, empty string or null.
    • Make date detection a lot more strict. Only ISO8601 style strings will be detected as valid dates now. Anything else would require a plug-in.
    • If the paging active element was index 0, it wouldn't be refocused
    • When replacing child row information, detach the element rather than removing which would destroy the event handlers. A remove action will still call $().remove() to clean up any event handlers.
    • caption tags should have the caption-side CSS value read from the caption tag itself, not the table tag.
    • Using to access a data point which uses a backslash in its name would result in an error due to an incorrectly escaped regex.
    • If initialising a DataTable when the window was horizontally scrolled the browser detection would incorrectly determine that rtl layout was being used (effects scrolling view).
    • Row selector would incorrectly select rows if row index 0 was passed in with a selector modifier.
    • jQuery selectors which had a comma in them were incorrectly split by DataTables causing them to be invalid or give incorrect results
    • Number renderer was not correctly rounding values
    • Remove deprecated jQuery $().bind() and $().unbind() use, replaced with the $().on() and $().off() methods.
    • Improve column selector when used with a complex jQuery selector for pseudo selectors
    • When sorting a date column, an empty string would be incorrectly used as 1970-01-01.


  • Fixes
    • Bootstrap 4 flexbox grid
    • Remove outdated CSS for old versions of Firefox
    • Foundation 6 styling for the processing element needs to use the callout class


  • Updates
    • Semantic UI integration for all DataTables extensions is now complete as it will be available in Editor 1.6. This integration is no longer just a tech preview, but rather a core part of DataTables styling options and will be included on the CDN builder soon.
  • Fixes
    • Typo in row callback example