DataTables 1.10.11

DataTables CDN files for DataTables 1.10.11. This software was originally released on .

Release notes

Javascript core

  • New
    • Greatly improve the utility of the row, column and cell selectors:
    • rows() and row() can now be used with a cell from the table body (not limited to only the tr elements
    • columns() and column() can now be used with a cell from the table body (not just the column headers as before)
    • All three selector types can use an element with the data-dt-row and / or data-dt-column (as approrirate) attributes on them or a parent. This is useful for API integration with FixedColumns and Responsive. For example you can now pass a cell in a fixed column into the cell() method to select the original cell.
  • Fixes
    • Visible column count should take account of display:none columns as well as those removed from the DOM by DataTables core. This improves compatiblity with Responsive 2.
    • Clear the cached data setter for DOM sourced tables when setting column options. This fixes issues with ColReorder and DOM sourced tables
    • When using data-* attributes for orthogonal data with a DOM sourced table, don't write to the DOM if the data hasn't changed.
    • Demo PHP server-side processing script: Ensure that FETCH_BOTH is used for the SSP class, in case it is disabled in the options
    • Checked radio boxes could be incorrectly unchecked if autowidth was enabled (which it is by default)
    • Improved DOM ordering for scrolling tables - colgroup, thead, tfoot
    • Javascript error would occur if trying to use cells().nodes() on a cell that doesn't exisit in the DataTable
    • Remove legacy TableTools integration from Bootstrap file
    • Potential column misalignment when scrolling with footer content that defines the width
    • Remove redundant code in column visibility. Could cause slower performance
    • Column widths are not only applied to the DataTables detected headers when scrolling is activated. This will have no change on most tables, but for those with complex headers it prevents potentially contradictory sizes being applied which can result in column misalignment.
    • cell().data() would not return null values for cells if defaultContent was set. It should return the original data point for that cell, even if it is null. This also effects column().data() and their plural counterparts.
    • The number rendering helper will now automatically escape HTML entities to help prevent possible XSS attacks if using a number renderer.


  • Fixes
    • Column / row hover highlight example had redundant code
    • Typo in Ajax with deep objects description
    • Add a link to feature plug-in documentation for the dom example


  • New
    • UIKit integration tech preview for DataTables
    • Google Material Design implementation tech preview
    • Bootstrap 4 integration with DataTables
    • Integration with Foundation 6


  • New
  • Fixes
    • Add detailed information to columns.render about array access
    • Formatting error in the columnDefs reference documentation
    • saveState - correction to documentation, and new example
    • Clearer note in filter() that it filters the result set for the API instance, not the DataTable.
    • Note in rows.add() and row.add() that the row will have ordering and search applied to it
    • Add note to clear() about it being virtually useless when server-side processing is enabled.
    • Typo in orderClasses description - effect/affect
    • Link error in columnDefs description
    • Add conflict resolution information for columnDefs
    • Correct links that were 404
    • xhr example descriptions were reversed