DataTables 1.10.1

DataTables CDN files for DataTables 1.10.1. This software was originally released on 15th July, 2014.

Release notes

This is the first bug fix release of the DataTables 1.10 series. Since its release at the start of May this year, 1.10 has proven to be very successful, particularly the new API and naming scheme and this release builds upon that foundation.

Primarily focused on addressing issues that have been found since the 1.10.0 release, there are 32 individual fixes in this release (see below for details). There are also a number of new features, primarily focusing on rounding off the API, including the new state() methods. New styling options have also been added to make the default stylesheet more flexible.


New features

  • New: Instance methods for a data source are now executed in the scope of that instance
  • New: Cell styling classes for alignment of text
  • New: state API methods
  • New: State staving object structure is now full documentated
  • New: compact and no-wrap styling classes for the DataTables stylesheet
  • New: row().child() when given with a class, the class is added to the tr element as well as the td element
  • New: Add table().container() and tables().containers() methods to get the container div elements for table(s)
  • New: row().child.remove() and row().child().remove() methods to provide the ability to remove and destroy child rows
  • New: language.searchPlaceholder option. Adds a placeholder attribute to the search input element when set.
  • New: Give cell position information to and columns.render


  • Update: To jQuery 1.11.1


  • Fix: Performance - API each() itterator uses for loop now
  • Fix: If filtering data is null, undefined or NaN it is not included in the filter
  • Fix: createdCell cellData prarameter now passes in the original data for the cell
  • Fix: cell() was not selecting cells for row index 0
  • Fix: With deferred rendering enabled a DOM sourced table would create new nodes rather than using the exisiting one. It should be noted that deffered rendering with a DOM sourced table is completely redundant, but it should still use the same nodes.
  • Fix: Boolean type searching
  • Fix: camelCase notation for column search options (searchCols) wasn't working
  • Fix: IE destroying nodes which have a Javascritp reference on using innerHTML
  • Fix: Nested DataTables could have their events interfear with the parent tables
  • Fix: When storing a column's width, DataTables was truncating the CSS unit identifer to a single character (e.g. 12px was held as 12p). This caused issues with column size adjustment
  • Fix: Use self:: for static method references in SSP class
  • Fix: Percentage columns detected as date columns in Chrome
  • Fix: Event methods automatic addition of .dt namespace was greedy
  • Fix: number renderer displayed numbers incorrectly for negative numbers
  • Fix: Memory leak with child rows in a table that is destroyed
  • Fix: Remove API "build" code. That was part of the API prototype and the design moved away from that approach. The code was redundant and unused.
  • Fix: Row selector for page:all, order:index, search:applied was returning the data in index 1 only
  • Fix: number rendering helper couldn't use anything thing other than a dot (.) as the decimal place
  • Fix: IE9 throws an error when using document.activeElement in a frame
  • Fix: Remove redundant code from the column visiblity method
  • Fix: Link to serverSide in selector-modifier.xml
  • Fix: Custom filter was running through the rows in reverse
  • Fix: Hold the scrolling position if holding the draw position
  • Fix: IE8 events error
  • Fix: Remove escaping of quotes for search input
  • Fix: Length menu language with wrapper element wasn't correctly populated
  • Fix: Invalidation of DOM sourced rows caused a memory leak
  • Fix: Support escaping objects with more than one dot
  • Fix: Search via the API wasn't populating the search input
  • Fix: Compatiblity with jQuery 1.7.x
  • Fix: sorting as 1D array didn't get indexing correct
  • Fix: Column ordering state saving was being flatten


  • Fix example: Range filter didn't correctly handle 0
  • Fix example: multi filter needs a way to be cleared
  • Fix examples: Pipelining - incorrect display if Ajax data retrieved and page not at the start of the retrieved block
  • Fix examples: Uuse a more selective operator for the class control in row details examples
  • Fix examples: Typo in complex header example
  • Fix example: DOM sorting plug-in wasn't sorting correctly for numeric values
  • Fix example: When there is no data, can't use reduce in footer callback
  • Fix example: JS array data source had invalid HTML


  • Docs: Update description of the data() setters for how they effect the table
  • Docs: Improve the documentation of smart filtering in DataTables
  • Docs: Add note about cache() methods stating that the data is not guaranteed to be available
  • Fix docs: Correct selector type for column()
  • Fix docs: Add columnDefs.targets file and options for columns and columnDefs
  • Fix docs: Clarify the thousands separator
  • Fix docs: Incorrect documentation for column name selector
  • Fix docs: searching link error
  • Fix docs: Note that the row().child() method's return value can have an effect on the chaining
  • Fix docs: dom related properties update
  • Fix docs: columnDefs targets link
  • Fix docs: Correct links from columns.type
  • Fix docs: order() needs clarification on zero based indexes and return type without parameters
  • Fix docs: Note in stateSaveCallback that the information is type sensitive