DataTables 1.10.0-rc.1

DataTables CDN files for DataTables 1.10.0-rc.1. This software was originally released on 25th April, 2014.

Release notes

Release candidate 1 of DataTables 1.10. This release represents what could be DataTables 1.10.0 as I believe it to be finished at this point and ready for release. I would encourage you to try this release out and please report any bugs or issues that you find in the forums so they can be addressed before the final release.


  • New: Responsive CSS for core styles
  • New: ajax.params() method to get the data for the last Ajax submit
  • New: column().visible() and columns().visible() now act as getters or setters.
  • New: preAjax event so plug-in authors can add Ajax params
  • New: CommonJS support
  • New: Smart filtering upgraded to support quoted exact match
    • DataTables' smart filtering now has the ability to search for an exact string, in the given order, over multiple words. This is done by providing the exact match search string in quotes - for example:
    • This matches the search behaviour that we all know and love in Google!
    • This enhancement comes courtesy of Barry Keepence
  • New: cell-selector type can now 'self-select' by supporting the index objects that it uses internally for cells.
  • New: Number formatting helper
  • New - docs: Add documentation


  • Update: SQL exported compatible for MySQL, Postgres, SQLite and SQLServer
  • Update: Update sorting plug-in examples to use enumerated data
  • Update: The _ option for columns.render as an object is optional now
  • Update - examples: Pipeline example now registers a clearPipeline() method
  • Update - example: Add method option to SSP pipeline
  • Update - example: Add data option to SSP pipeling


  • Fix: Custom length menu was broken
  • Fix: Selector couldn't be given as an API instance with indexes
  • Fix: Accessibility - Add role=row attribute to table rows
  • Fix: Accessibility improvements
    • Remove the aria-relevant from the info text to use the default, otherwise it was reading information that isn't very useful
    • Change info text role to status
    • Based on feedback from James Craig - WAI-ARIA author (thanks!)
  • Fix: Legacy API fnGetData with no parameters was flattening the return array
  • Fix: Don't redraw the table for page change when no change needed
  • Fix: Keyboard navigation of the paging control
  • Fix: grid ARIA role should be on the table, not the container
  • Fix: Ajax data wasn't being sent for non-server-side processing
  • Fix: Column sorting classes might not be applied correctly
  • Fix: jQUery object will fail as a column selector
  • Fix: Plug-in ordering didn't work on initial order
  • Fix: Destroy error if the table has been destroyed completely by the user before calling destory() (i.e. overwriting with HTML)
  • Fix: Invalidated DOM rows and hidden columns
  • Fix: When extending the defaults using camelCase, objects didn't work
  • Fix: non-string data support for non-'.' dec numbers
  • Fix: HTML sorting formatter should cope with null data
  • Fix: Extending objects in the API could cause scope errors over multiple tables
  • Fix: Inverted logic for column.index() - 20021
  • Fix: Multiple column options for a single column could cause custom type to be lost
  • Fix: Filtering can break with \n
  • Fix: Row details show and hide methods should return this
  • Fix: fnOpen should return a node, not undefined
  • Fix: Memory leaks from not removing listeners on destroy
  • Fix: Destroy should use detach() not remove()
  • Fix: fnServerData compatibility for 1.9-
  • Fix: Legacy API - fnGetData should return null if row not found
  • Fix: Only report a general Ajax error when request is complete
  • Fix: Legacy API error when using fnGetNodes on an empty table
  • Fix: On Ajax error hide the processing display
  • Fix: ajax.reload() wasn't showing the processing display
  • Fix: Selector was too selective for filtering in old browsers
  • Fix: Ordering information as being sent in SSP Ajax when ordering disabled
  • Fix: Child rows which were given as TR elements were not being added
  • Fix: When invalidating data source, check the cells exist first
  • Fix: IE8 - Settings as an API selector needs to return as an array
  • Fix: Incorrect use of offsetHeight for scroll collapse
  • Fix: Cell selector, when operating as a jQuery selector needs to return an array, not a jQuery object - otherwise IE8- throws an error
  • Fix: If you had a column which has columns.visible:false set on it, it would be removed from the array of data passed through to the custom filtering functions. This would cause indexes to misalign.
  • Fix: Sort classes weren't being applied to newly created elements
  • Fix - examples: Display issues with HTML5 attributes example
  • Fix - examples: The API row details example wasn't showing the close icon due to an incorrect class name
  • Fix - docs: Typos in documentation
  • Fix - docs: Description of
  • Fix - docs: searching documentation was incorrect
  • Fix - docs: dom documentation formatting
  • Fix - docs: stateSaveCallback description error
  • Fix - docs: Mix up between files names and properties for a few files
  • Fix - docs: order() had an incorrect title


  • Removed: demo_page.css - no longer required