DataTables 1.13.0

DataTables CDN files for DataTables 1.13.0. This software was originally released on 7th November, 2022.

Release notes

This latest release of DataTables adds support for ES modules (and thus comparability with the latest generation of Javascript tooling, such as Vite). The Typescript definitions have also been rewritten to work with modules, and all extensions have been updated to reflect this new scheme.

Finally there are a bevy of fixes - see the release notes below.


  • New: ES Module support!
  • New: Rewrite of the typings for DataTables to make it possible for the extensions to add methods and options and reflect how the API extends itself more accurately.
  • New: Add warning (error 18) about mismatching columns between the table header and body


  • Update: Remove default text colour for control text - allow the text colour from the page to take control


  • Fix: Focus should remain on the selected item from the paging control when using keyboard navigation
  • Fix: DataTables compact style had too much padding on header cells
  • Fix: Types - Global new DataTable() construction was incorrectly typed
  • Fix: Bootstrap 5 - keep ul.pagination attributes added by events
  • Fix: remove stateSaveParams event handler on table destruction
  • Fix: Luxon would trigger an error if used with non-numeric data
  • Fix: Bootstrap 5 integration - processing indicator wasn't being correctly positioned
  • Fix: Links could be virtually invisible against a selected row's tint
  • Fix: Sort arrows on iOS/iPadOS were incorrectly sized
  • Fix: Add page-nc event for cases when paging is called but no change happens - required for SearchPanes which can take actions on the page event