DataTables 1.10.0-beta.2

DataTables CDN files for DataTables 1.10.0-beta.2. This software was originally released on 17th February, 2014.

Release notes

The second beta release of DataTables 1.10 sees a number of bug fixes (see below) and one important new feature - the new language.decimal option which can be used to modify the decimal point character that is used by DataTables when detecting numeric data types. This is particularly important for internationalisation.


  • New: eq() API method to reduce an API instance to just a single context and result set for the plural methods.
  • New: language.decimal option. This option can be used to tell DataTables which character is used as a decimal place in the table's data, so that number which are formatted using characters other than a dot as the decimal place can be correctly detected and sorted.
    • A large part of the world uses the comma as a decimal place, so it makes sense to have this option built-in directly to DataTables, rather than needing to use plu-in sorting types as before:
    • However, the decimal place character cannot be detected automatically since there are far to many ambiguities. As such, a new language.decimal option is defined which is passed through to the type detection functions. The type detection functions can then use that character to alter their detection functions to transform numbers into the dot formatted equivalent for parsing in Javascript.
    • The numeric sorting methods have been bundled together in the function _addNumericSort which is called when a character is given for the decimal mark, adding the sorting functions required specifically for that mark. This means that any character at all can be added, while keeping the table's sort performance as it was.
    • Code size in increased a little for this new feature, but a lot of work has been done to keep it to a minimum (while still optimising for the most common use case of a dot decimal place), and this is a good feature to have in DataTables' core code.
    • Special thanks to Tobias Bäthge for suggesting and sponsoring this feature.
  • New: Add thin space and narrow no-break space as supported thousands separators for formatted numbers
  • New: Built in filtering will throttle calls to the server when using server-side processing
    • A popular plug-in for DataTables is the fnSetFilteringDelay plug-in, which provides a bit of a buffer when typing into the filter input so you don't make an Ajax request for every key stroke - i.e. don't DDoS your own server!


  • Update: Examples - use the files form the CDN for the integration examples
  • Update: Documentation - Most examples which used flatten() are more correct to use the new eq() method, so they have been updated.


  • Fix: docs - Syntax highlighting for inline code examples
  • Fix: docs - Correct Ajax documentation for how the return from as an object operates.
  • Fix: Example for range filtering was attaching to the wrong parameter - should be $
  • Fix: Docs - page() API documentation should show draw being called with false and explain why
  • Fix: Column visibility was using $().remove() to remove elements from the DOM which results in any events attached being detached by jQuery. Need to use detach()
  • Fix: Possible column misalignment when scrolling is enabled
  • Fix: Row details events were iterating over non-DataTables rows creating a Javascript error
  • Fix: Example - Server-side processing row details example updated to be able to restore the details row on a redraw.
  • Fix: Documentation typos from Colin Marks
  • Fix: Ajax callback function wasn't being called when server-side processing was enabled (ajax.reload() and ajax.url().load())
  • Fix: A single space was being added to all cell classes on initialisation
  • Fix: The externally exposed internal API methods were only exposed once a DataTable had been initialised.
  • Fix: Default cursor on paging disabled buttons

Site changes

  • Site: Add information about the language.decimal option to the i18n manual
  • Site: Typo fixes from tangerine
  • Site: JS compression for site and minor updates for typos in site
  • Site: Fix its and it's typos!