KeyTable 2.1.2

DataTables CDN files for KeyTable 2.1.2. This software was originally released on 19th May, 2016.

Release notes

A bug fix release of KeyTable that addresses a number of known issues and also introduces styling files and examples for Bootstrap 4 and Semantic UI.


  • New: Bootstrap 4 styling and example
  • New: Semantic UI styling and example


  • Fix: If the target cell is larger than the viewport, only shift the container to the top and / or left
  • Fix: Don't shift the table's scrolling position when clicking into a cell if it is partly overhanging the document or scrolling container.
  • Fix: If KeyTable is used with Scroller, focusing on a cell could cause the scrolling position to jump
  • Fix: Return to activate inline editing in Editor would replace the contents with a new line character immediately.
  • Fix example: Use keys to initialise KeyTable in scrolling example
  • Fix docs: Typo in parameter name for events documentation