ColReorder 1.0.6

DataTables CDN files for ColReorder 1.0.6. This software was originally released on 21st June, 2012.

Release notes

A maintenance release for ColReorder that addresses a number of bugs that were present in the previous release.

  • Update: Pass the iFrom and iTo parameters in the 'column-reorder' event so the handler has all the information about the reshuffle
  • Fix: Allow mousedown events to bubble - 9604
  • Fix: Add column-reorder event which is fired to tell other plug-ins what is going on. This update, if used with ColVis requires ColVis or newer.
  • Fix: Debug message for column reorder on init was wrong - 8948
  • Fix examples: Col reorder demo now required 1.8+
  • Fix examples: After DataTables 1.8, bSortCellsTop is required to use the top cell
  • Fix examples: sDom in sample code was incorrect - 8402