ColReorder 1.0.1

DataTables CDN files for ColReorder 1.0.1. This software was originally released on 2nd March, 2011.

Release notes

ColReorder has been on version 1.0.0 since October last year now, and this release fixes a couple of little bugs which have cropped up since then. The main one is that ColReorder now works correctly with jQuery UI theming in DataTables. This release also includes a couple of new demos showing ColReorder in action.

  • New: Example showing individual column filtering with column reorder and also ColVis
  • New: Demo of multi-column filtering with ColVis and ColReorder, showing use of multiple TR lines in THEAD
  • Fixed: Added clarification of the use of the sColumns parameter on the server-side
  • Fixed: Use 'parents' rather than 'parent' to traverse up the DOM tree to get the element needed for the sorting. An error could occur when using jQuery theming and clicking on the span element to sort - 3218
  • Fixed: ColReorder will now move around multiple rows in the THEAD and TFOOT, where the child elements are TH or TD. Note that this DOES NOT take into account COLSPAN and ROWSPAN! The number of cells MUST be COLUMNS * ROWS (in the header) in order for this to work - otherwise the behaviour is undefined.
  • Fixed: jQuery UI themes did not work with ColReorder due to the extra markup which was not taken into consideration. Extra markup is now considered in the TH cells and a new jQuery UI theme example has been added.
  • Fixed: Update FixedHeader plug-in which it is attached to a DataTable