DataTables 1.10.17

DataTables CDN files for DataTables 1.10.17. This software was originally released on 2018-06-14.

As thoughts turn towards the next major iteration of DataTables, this patch release addresses issues that have cropped up in 1.10. Primarily the focus is on addressing issues with styling framework integration, but also addresses a few other issues, particularly those found from our new unit test suite.

Release notes


  • New: Row data index is passed to rowCallback
  • New: Support Bitcoin and Ethereum symbols for currency sorting
  • New: DataTables styling integration file for easier npm package use (consistent with the other styling packages)


  • Update: {search: 'removed'} selector options optimisation
  • Update - styling: Bootstrap4 - use custom select menu styling
  • Update - styling: UI Kit tech preview moving on to UI Kit v3
  • Update - example: Make it easier to change the grouping column in the grouping example (although, RowGroup is really the way forward here)


  • Fix: Cell selector wouldn't apply cell specific selector-modifier properties. This wasn't a problem in DataTables core as the cell selector doesn't provide its own options, but the {selected:true} modifier from Select does, and it needs to consider the cells only.
  • Fix: Cell selectors (cell() and cells()) could select items that were outside the selector modifier range if selecting using a cell index (i.e. the selector modifier such as {page:'current'} wouldn't be applied).
  • Fix: When using order.listener() with a string selector, an error would be thrown when the element activated the sort.
  • Fix: jQuery 3.3 deprecates some $.is... methods. Use of those methods has now been removed from DataTables
  • Fix: If another DataTable was initialised while an async load action was occurring for the state of another table, a Javascript error would occur
  • Fix: Language options - specifying a decimal separator in the default settings rather than the init object would cause correct numeric sorting to fail
  • Fix: Column visibility changes did not update the colspan for the "No records" display when the table was either empty or filtered to be empty.
  • Fix: Updating an array sourced table that had id attributes on the original HTML table rows, would result in the id effectively being lost
  • Fix: Unix epoch dates would be incorrectly treated as -Infinity
  • Fix: Remove inline styles in injected HTML. Fixes issue with Content-Security-Policy for inline styles.
  • Fix: Using a node as a row selector when it had already been removed from the table could incorrectly select the row


  • Fix: Bootstrap 4 - Select input for length menu should be width:auto rather than a fixed width, allowing for language in the options.
  • Fix: Bootstrap 4 - Reduce label and search input to a single line and restore space between label and input
  • Fix: Bootstrap 4 - Remove container-fluid class from DataTable wrapper element from Bootstrap 4 integration
  • Fix: Bootstrap 4 - Integration with scrolling - asc icons could show up in the body table
  • Fix: Bootstrap 4 - Needs border-spacing:0 if used with border-collapse and cellspacing isn't used in the HTML
  • Fix: Bootstrap 4 - Correct comment for Bootstrap 4 integration (stated that it was Bootstrap 3)
  • Fix: Semantic UI - Integration with Semantic UI 2.3 - search input was not correctly styled
  • Fix: Foundation - Compatibility with Foundation 6.4's grid-xy system


  • Fix - examples: Oracle demo SQL used nvarchar, which has been dropped in the db. Now uses nvarchar2.
  • Fix - examples: PHP demo script could use invalid SQL if an orderable:false column was ordered upon